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Reaction: Chrono Trigger DS

Posted by Aaron Barnett on July 8, 2008

Recently, Square-Enix revealed another title that’s coming back from the past, Chrono Trigger, and it will be going to the DS. The game won’t be getting the remake treatment, but will have some use of wi-fi and an extra dungeon. Sure enough the internet reacted in a variety of ways. All of these reactions were both amusing, and of course, expected.

Here are the reactions I’ve seen:

“Wow, Chrono Trigger on a handheld! Can’t wait!”
“Square-Enix didn’t remake this? How gullible do they think we are?”
“Why don’t we get a new Chrono game for once?”

There are more, but that’s the gist of them.

My personal reaction: I played Chrono Trigger way back on the SNES. I beat it just a few times, but I enjoyed the game, especially the music. I’ll probably pick it up, because it would be another title I would enjoy having in my DS library.

So, let’s think about why Square-Enix is doing this. The original Chrono Trigger has been released a total of two times (yes, amazing for a Square-Enix classic). Once on the SNES, and then on the PSX (this version was released all the way back in 2001). While it did sell well (the SNES version alone sold a couple million copies), it was a long time ago. Another point, the game’s never been available on a handheld, legally.

Lately, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about a new game with “Final Fantasy” somewhere in the title. They’ve been hitting all the handhelds (PSP, GBA, DS) in the past, and now we’re seeing IV remade after we played the remake of III. So while some of us have gotten tired of seeing these releases and ports, others that are new to the game only know of things like that. Some people don’t even know much and haven’t played Chrono Trigger (like Europe!)

So, is Chrono Trigger still relevant? After the disaster that some people claimed Chrono Cross to be, it’d be odd for them to make an entirely new title and have something like that again. They could be testing the waters to see how much the series can sell many years later. I know it’d be quite difficult to put a huge investment into a remake that doesn’t come close to breaking even.

The sales depend on who will want to buy it though. The nostalgic crowd is divided, there are those that are appalled Square-Enix is releasing an older title that has noticeably minor changes compared to their recently releases, and then there are people that will gobble it up without a second thought. I fall, more or less, in the second category, but I know what I’m buying, and I’m fine with it. Whether they bring the series back with a new title isn’t my biggest concern, but a portable version is always handy to have.

So, it depends on the newer gamers. The DS has sold many units worldwide, and these people will hop on the next big thing. Of course, with a brand as well known as Square-Enix, the title will at least do decently. Also, people like you and me might even be telling our friends, “Hey, check this game out!”

This could all be speculation, though. Square-Enix might just be releasing the game to make a quick buck, what with all these upcoming titles they have in the works. They might be seeing how it will do, and see if it’s worth reviving the series with a remake or a new title. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how the game does when it’s released this winter.


One Response to “Reaction: Chrono Trigger DS”

  1. Is Chrono Trigger still relevant? Not really.

    In my opinion, it’s just another remake that I’m not sure a lot of people are asking for.

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